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Dreams do come true.

As you desire them long enough. That's exactly how I got here. I never had any doubt and here I am today, in the studio of my dreams and desires, the epicenter of where my creativity gestates and grows. 

My name is Travis Martin, and I am Travis The Jeweler and I own the Jewelry School, an Oregon Jewelry School which places an emphasis of one-on-one training that helps you grow as a person, and as a jeweler.

Not a day goes by where I don't have your interest in mind, for without you, there is no me!

Welcome to my world!

House on a Bridge


My heart and soul are here. I manifested this. 

Not just equipment, chairs and desks, but instead, life's flow.

I bring my "A GAME" into to this studio, or I don't enter it's four walls. Wasting time is not an option for me, I am an intentional being, deliberate as a matter of fact, and whether I am working on a project on your behalf or teaching you how to create something, I've got your best interest in mind. 


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