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Travis the Jeweler is a teacher of jewelry via is Jewelry School.


Travis the jeweler owns the Jewelry School and designs jewelry and holds jewelry classes with an emphasis in high end gold and platinum jewelry. From sourcing fine gem stones to designing masterpieces, there is no step in the custom jewelry process that Travis the Jeweler not have a hand in. 


The Process

Travis the jeweler teaches jewelry school.
Jewelry School via Travis the Jeweler.



Each piece of art made is completely original and designed by Travis Martin himself.  There is no design outsourcing, no computer aided drafting, quite simply each piece is the brain child of the goldsmith who is very proud to also be in charge of all aspects of the design.  Travis is heavily inspired by the ever evolving world around him, from the organic structures and forms found in nature to the mechanical/technological aspects of the modern world we are all a part of.



Travis Martin is proud to have his hands involved in every aspect of the jewelry creation process.  He has extensive experience with all varieties of gold fabrication and sculptural wax carving.  All of the wax work and fabrication is done by hand without the aid of computers or 3D printers.  All casting is done in house as is all stone settings..  The goal is to be self sufficient at all times, to master every aspect of Goldsmithing and know it intimately.  In doing so Travis believes he is learning not only skills dealing with precious stones and metals but learning about himself and his creative process, which relates directly with the evolution and growth of the soul.

Final Product

In the end, the client is handed a piece of wearable art that is quite simply as intricate and special as they are.  Something that contains the time and energy of both the Earth and the Goldsmith.  An intricate combination of both man and nature.  Jewelry has always been and always will be a timeless investment which has value that extends beyond monetary means.  This new piece of art will be no different, it will become an heirloom and will eventually be considered a unique artifact from our time period.




Custom Work

Travis the jeweler teaches owns the jewelry school.
If you are interested in custom work, Travis the Jeweler is never too busy to discuss the possibilities of owning your very own masterpiece. Before contacting him, it is not necessary to know exactly what you are interested in, he is here to help with that. His goal is to bring your concept to life, to take your ideas, refine them and perfect them. Each custom piece is of equal importance to him, as is each customer. Travis the Jeweler is proud to treat everyone equal and source as much of, if not all of his materials from the most sustainable sources on earth. 
Travis the jeweler teaches jewelry school in Oregon


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